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The Need for Ongoing Research and Development in the World of Packaging

In the world of packaging, flexible wraps and covers make up the strongest area of growth. A Packaging Recruiter wants to find qualified candidates for a large number of positions with various companies. They especially need applicants for higher-level jobs in engineering, customer service management, sales, graphic design and production. As the companies continue to expand, new positions are developed and must be filled as soon as possible.

The Environmental Impact of Plastic

Some Flexible Packaging jobs and careers focus on reducing the impact of plastic and other types of packages on the environment. With enormous amounts of plastic polluting the ocean, waterways and the land, manufacturers of a broad range of products are under pressure to minimize use of this material. In addition, Climate Collaborative reports that in some cases, packaging of food products has a larger negative effect on climate change than the fuel required for shipping.

A Focus on Biodegradable Packaging

Agencies like Delta Diversified may recruit candidates for research and development positions related to issues manufacturers want to solve. For example, pursuing inventions and improvements in biodegradable packaging is an important goal in this industry. Instead of being made from plastic, it might be crafted from plant materials. Corn and soy are easy to grow in this country, so the possibility of soy- and corn-based wraps is intriguing.

Plastic does not biodegrade. The best that manufacturers can do with this material is construct it so it breaks down into tiny pieces. This has been done with garbage bags, but it doesn't resolve the larger problem. Most of the plastic that has ever been manufactured still exists in some form on this planet, and a great deal of it has turned into pollutants. Plastic shopping bags, bottles and packaging litter the land and water.

Cardboard and Other Paper Packaging

Focusing on cardboard and other paper packaging is another solution manufacturers have been emphasizing over the years. People of a certain age might remember when small juice boxes first became prevalent in stores, whereas previously there were no similar products. Now, many beverages come in those paper packages without the need for plastic.